Day 5 Aquarium, Hard Rock Cafe, & Festival Concert (plus Riverboat Cruise)

I hope you have enjoyed following our travels in and around New Orleans. This has been a really great tour--fantastic city, great kids, satisfying music, and inspiring clinicians. 

Below you'll find a video playlist from our whole tour and a ton of photos from today! I haven't gotten a single suggestion for what Paige's fashion blog should be (see yesterday's post). Come on, people!  AND we have an additional contest within today's photos, so look sharp! 

Video Playlist (bonus videos from the Way Back Machine at the end!)

When the eel in the reef takes your heel in its teeth, that's a moray!

You otter come see the merch at this Aquarium. It rocks.

Big little boys talking about frogs.


What will Paige's hair salon be called? Answer in the comments!

Millie, Cheryl Dupont, Bob Chilcott, and BillNittler

Paige, Cheryl, Bob, and Brianne

The kids were feeling lucky.

And relentless


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